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The Cranbury Historical & Preservation Society works to preserve the history of our 325 year old small town, and organizes events for the community to learn about and enjoy this unique place.

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 Cranbury Proud - Path to Preservation


Walk through the new exhibit at the Cranbury Museum and see how the town worked hard to preserve historic Cranbury. Threatened by building disrepair and demolition, a county dump, a proposed highway and excessive development during the past sixty years, Cranbury maintained its historic charm due to the activism of its residents and organizations.


Read the documents, letters, applications, announcements, posters, the proclamations and acknowledgments that depict Cranbury’s long journey to protect the historic town as seen in 2024. View the photos, artifacts and artwork that help tell the preservation story. See the old desk and tools of the architect/builder of the Old Cranbury School, which was slated for demolition. Cheer the before and after pictures of our renovated homes & buildings.


Cranbury Proud-Path to Preservation is featured at the Cranbury Museum, a home renovated, furnished and maintained for 52 years by volunteers of the Cranbury Historical & Preservation Society. The Cranbury Museum is open on Sundays, 1- 4pm. This exhibit will run through July.

Cranbury-themed items are available for purchase online and pick up at The History Center at 6 South Main Street, Cranbury

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